CDC Is Tightening COVID Testing Requirement To Enter The US

In agreement with an updated directive on Thursday, COVID-19 testing criteria for visitors entering the United States will be more severe starting Monday, Dec. 6. Moreover, forbids the boarding of any passenger, whatever of age, on a plane bound for the United States from any nation unless the traveler. Documentation of one of the following needs can be provided in print or digital form:

  • A negative pre-departure viral test result for SARS-CoV-2 was conducted on a specimen collected no more than one calendar day before the flight departed from a foreign country.
  • Documentation of having recovered from COVID-19 in the past 90 days.

It is a revision to the original rule that went into force in January, which offered passengers a full three days to gather the requisite tests and paperwork. As of Monday, travelers heading to the United States will be required to make a stop at a testing facility as part of their final-minute preparations before flying out. More and more individuals are choosing to be tested as part of their trip plans at big airports, which will become busier. Several big drugstore chains also provide testing and digital validation of findings necessary for travel.

Travelers have the option of scheduling their exams ahead of time over the internet. At the time of testing, they will be required to present a passport and proof of travel. Travelers often receive a digital certificate within an hour of testing for antigens. To board their flights, passengers will need to present this digital certificate to airline officials, along with their boarding card and ID. In most cases, insurance companies will pay travelers for the cost of their test. The cost of a trial might range from $20 to several thousand dollars.

Inexplicably, the modified directive only applies to air travelers. Exemptions include those arriving by land border or ports. The US thereby delegated enforcement to the airlines that fly into the nation, which must deny boarding to anyone without confirmation of a negative COVID test or recovery from illness.

Traveling Americans should verify their destination country’s COVID rules. Restrictions vary by nation and might include requiring documentation of a recent negative COVID test, banning travelers from particular countries, quarantine measures, and closing borders to everyone but citizens. Naturally, illegal immigrants are immune from federal COVID limitations.