Chairman Thompson Says There Will Be More Jan. 6 Hearings

The January 6 Hearings haven’t been particularly convincing. The hearings have featured questionable testimony and have lacked any overwhelming evidence that portrays former President Donald Trump as a mastermind of a government takeover.

Just like a television series, the hearings have paused for now, but will resume in September.

The most watched daytime hearing featured “star witness” Cassidy Hutchinson, who made bombshell claims that Trump tried to commandeer a limousine and drive to the Capitol building. Even though there are Secret Service members that refute Hutchinson’s testimony, some still believe her — as many still believe several outrageous and unfounded claims about the former president due to an irresponsible and deceptive media elite.

CBS News tweeted, “The House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 assault on the U.S. Capitol plans to hold more public hearings in September, the panel’s chairman, Rep. Bennie Thompson, says during tonight’s opening remarks. ‘We continue to receive new information every day.’”

Attached to the tweet is a video of Thompson. Thompson claimed that there’s no doubt that there was a coordinated effort to overturn the election. Thompson also claimed that Jan. 6 was coordinated by Trump, but the FBI still disagrees that the incident was pre-planned.

Most people in the crowd on Jan. 5 and 6 weren’t on board with entering the Capitol building, and there’s evidence of that in a video of Ray Epps suggesting everyone enter the Capitol. Epps even admitted that he was likely going to get arrested. Epps has not been arrested yet.

In the video, everyone yelled, “NO!!!!” The crowd then yelled “Fed” over and over again, suggesting Epps was a federal agent or informant.

Thompson continued, “There can be no doubt that he [Trump] commanded a mob, a mob he knew was heavily armed, violent and angry, to march on the Capitol to try to stop the peaceful transfer of power.”

Where were the “heavily armed” protesters? There’s been no evidence that anyone was heavily armed on January 6, and many of the people who were at the Capitol have had their charges dropped.