Chicago Will Impound Buses That Transport Migrants To City

Chicago, a liberal “Sanctuary City,” is struggling mightily to keep up with the surge of migrants that have come to the region in the past year.
Now, the government is fighting back.

Earlier this week, the city council put new restrictions on bus companies that have been transporting migrants from the southern border to Chicago. On Wednesday, the government took that one step further, passing another ordinance that allows the city to tow and impound any buses that violate the new restrictions.

All bus companies are required to offload migrants in designated areas, and they must submit paperwork before they do so, the city said in a statement.

The new restrictions passed this week are to close loopholes that Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott has been taking advantage of when busing migrants from his state to Chicago, Democratic Mayor Brandon Johnson said.

The mayor said migrants have been dropped off in suburbs of Chicago, at random corners in the city, at O’Hare Airport and even in the middle of the road, Johnson said. All of this was done, too, without any prior notification being sent to the Office of Emergency Management and Communications.

“This inhumane treatment further endangers the safety and security of asylum seekers, and adds additional strain to city departments, volunteers and mutual aid partners tasked with easing what is already a harsh transition,” Johnson said in a statement issued Wednesday.

A local ABC station reported that the first bus was impounded Wednesday night under the new ordinance.

Since last August, 25,600 migrants have been sent to Chicago as part of Abbott’s plan to shift the burden of handling the influx of migrants at the southern border to Democrat-led regions of the country that have lax immigration policies.

In addition to Chicago, Texas has sent buses of migrants to Los Angeles, New York City, Washington, D.C., and even Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts.

Abbott has said in the past that he won’t stop this plan until the Biden administration does something about the rising migrant problem that his state — and others along the southern border — are being forced to handle on their own.