Chicago’s Moral Grounding Is Losing With Each New Day

The Loop is Chicago’s central business center, home to restaurants, offices, retail stores, hotels, and historical landmarks. In Cook County, the same county elected Soros-backed district attorney Kim Foxx. Combining Foxx’s disdain to uphold the law with generations of individuals raised without morals results in a weekend of beatings, shootings, and general misconduct.

An article stated, a 15-year-old was wounded, a CTA bus driver was attacked, and around 20 adolescents were arrested Saturday night in the Loop, police and sources said. Notable occurrences: A CTA bus driver was assaulted in the 100 block of North Michigan at approximately 8:50 p.m. after he stopped to check for damage after hearing a loud noise.

The authorities said that a man and female began pushing him and punching him repeatedly before fleeing. The 49-year-old driver was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital with injuries on his face and torso. This crowd’s hyena-like jeering is genuinely frightening. Their world is one without brakes, a world without morals, a world without law enforcement, a world without morality, a world without law enforcement.

In the consequent Darwinian survival of the fittest world, hierarchy counts, clearly demonstrated by respect and disdain. Residents of this wilderness react aggressively to disrespect. When two testosterone-fueled young guys collide with each other on the street, it may quickly escalate into a bloodbath. So, according to the CWB Chicago article mentioned above: As the debate heated up, the perpetrator pulled out a revolver and fired at the victim, then fled. One bullet hit the boy’s wrist. He was sent to Lurie Children’s Hospital.

People who respect God and their parents may be less likely to assault a bus driver who insults them. Because they are under tight orders from that same deity to not kill, steal or covet, feral areas should expect to see a surprising amount of harmony. On the other hand, these Chicagoans were reared without morality by leftists who taught them that the police were their enemies, not the one thing preventing them from total, violent chaos in their streets. They no longer have anything to keep them safe from one other or themselves.

In the face of impending disaster, I keep telling myself that there is hope for good people who have the faith and determination to save us from the abyss. It’s fascinating to see how the moral depravity of Georgian England was reversed in Victorian England, which was a model of morality and prosperity. Is he a high-flier for the communist party? Between 1950 and 1980, while the left was in control of New York, the city was very different. In a condition of decay, the city was strewn with criminal activity and disintegrating structures.