Children’s Library Takes Heat For Sharing Inappropriate Content

Across the nation, there has been a push to put inappropriate, graphic content and lesson plans into education curricula for children. When parents or other community members push back, they are either called bigoted or told they are not the “clients” of public schools.

At the rate things are going, the push to indoctrinate children, rather than educate and equip them for the real world, is not going away. However, this does not mean that people are taking it rolling over.

In one Michigan community, residents overwhelmingly voted against a proposal that would have facilitated inappropriate content being spread to kids.

Huge Problems For Patmos Library
Patmos Library in Jamestown Township has been struggling with a funding issue. At the same time, the library also coincidentally includes sexually graphic books within its collection for children to consume.

Despite members of Jamestown Township calling for books of this nature to be removed, Patmos Library is refusing. Therefore, a proposal that would have funded the library via property taxes has been soundly rejected.

If things continue on their current trajectory for Patmos Library, it is unlikely to last past 2024. So far, the library is getting by on donations, but this is not sustainable for long-term funding.

The downfall of this most recent property tax proposal is the second time that Jamestown Township residents have voted against funding Patmos Library.

Thus far, the library is still showing zero willingness to relent and remove the graphic books that community members do not want their children exposed to.

A Clear Message
Unfortunately, Patmos Library is not the only institution that is set on forcing graphic content down the throats of children. Yet, more and more communities — not just Jamestown Township — are standing up against this.

In the wake of the funding proposal’s failure, Patmos Library is having to reduce its hours, due to fewer employees who are working.

Ultimately, Americans nationwide remain hopeful that other cities and townships will be able to stop funding for woke libraries forcing inappropriate content into the minds of children.

Patmos Library is also a cautionary tale of why parents should be as involved as possible in their kids’ lives and education.