China Asked Russia Not To Disrupt Olympic Games With An Invasion

The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) viewed the Winter Olympics as a coronation for Xi Jinping and a crowning achievement. The reality of the situation was more akin to a dystopian sequel to the Hunger Games. Apocalyptic ski jump with no snow, anyone?

Besides the general genocidal nature of the Chinese Regime, the games were filled with sportsmanship and fair play, except, of course, for that whole Russian skater getting to compete amid a doping scandal and US athletes not getting their medals. Hey, they got stuffed pandas, though.

Xi Jinping realized that maybe running the Olympics was not as easy as it looked. He politely asked Putin to wait to invade Ukraine until after the Olympics. It is unclear if Putin honored that request or just needed more time, but it is quite a coincidence that the invasion kicked off four days after the closing ceremonies.

The west should be alarmed at any increase in cooperation between Russia and China. The two countries share a giant border and have been adversaries more than friends. Unfortunately, the United States foreign policy establishment has been doing everything to set the preconditions to push these countries closer to each other instead of inserting a wedge between them.

Before the Olympics, China and Russia signed a new pact of support and cooperation where “nothing was off-limits.” Indeed, this new agreement will help Russia resist some of the recent sanctions imposed upon it by the west in response to the invasion of Ukraine. It is hard to overstate China’s existential threat to the United States. It is undoubtedly closely watching how the current conflict plays out as it mulls its actions against its southern neighbor Taiwan.

It looks like Russia and China are in alignment, which is not a positive development for the United States.