China Dismisses US Allegations Of Secret Police Stations As ‘Baseless’

China is saying it never had a secret police station in the U.S., claiming the American government is hurling “groundless accusations” following the arrest of two New York residents who ran the backdoor operation.

“The relevant claims have no factual basis, and there is no such thing as an overseas police station,” a spokesperson for China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs named Wang Wenbin stated Tuesday.

Two men were arrested in the U.S. after they allegedly created a secret foreign police station that targets Chinese dissidents, according to the Associated Press. They are both American citizens and have been identified as “Harry” Lu Jianwang, 61, and Chen Jinping, 59.

“An official with the Chinese National Police directed one of the defendants – a U.S. citizen who worked at the secret police station – to help locate a pro-democracy activist of Chinese descent living in California,” explained U.S. attorney Breon Peace, who works for the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York. “In other words, the Chinese national police appear to have been using the station to track a U.S. resident on U.S. soil.”

34 officers from the Ministry of Public Security were also reportedly charged by the U.S. Justice Department on Monday after they worked to form thousands of imposter social media accounts on Twitter and other websites in order to go after dissidents abroad.

Wang has maintained that the Chinese do not meddle with the sovereignty of other nations.

“China firmly opposes the smear and political manipulation by the U.S., who maliciously fabricated the narrative of so-called cross-border suppression and blatantly prosecuted Chinese law enforcement officials,” he proclaimed.

This denial of shady actions by the Chinese Communist Party in the U.S. has been seen time and time again, with recent and more pertinent instances including reports from Chinese media claiming that any suggestions the spy balloon seen flying over the U.S. before it was shot down in February were Chinese were “utterly baseless.”

Similar remarks about “groundless accusations” by Americans came from a Chinese government official named Lijian Zhao in June 2020:

In July 2020, Zhao used the same vocabulary to describe allegations against China regarding cybersecurity: