China Is Running Australia And Pushing COVID-19 Tyranny As A Cover-Up

Every nation has had to determine its policy on COVID-19, but many have looked to international organizations like the WHO for guidance. Yet, in Australia, the response to a virus likely created in a Chinese bioweapons lab in Wuhan has been illuminating. Australia has consented to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) overlords who have undue influence over the nation-continent by taking Communist-style social controls.

China takes Communism much more seriously than western nations, including the USA and Australia.

COVID-19 became a reason for democratic nations to adopt a despotic system of ruthless control, locking down economic activity, spiking inflation, and rounding up children. Many foolish people have joined President Xi Jinping’s objective of world domination, like Klaus Schwab, who promotes the great reset. All the money in the world will not wash your soul clean from this sin. A revived China is rolling out tech-empowered tyranny as a model for western countries to emulate. It is the dream of autocrats the world over, the ability to dominate and destroy political opponents with the press of a button. Xi emphasized that Marxism is the soul of the CCP and the primary motive for its actions.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison called for investigations into the origin of COVID-19. China smacked the Aussies with tariffs and reminded the public that China is Australia’s most excellent trade partner through compromised spokespeople in the country. The CCP made it clear that irritating them or exposing their malicious activities would damage the Aussie economy.

Former Australian Trade Minister Andrew Robb arranged the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement and received an $880,000 consultancy gig from the CCP-controlled Chinese People’s Consultative Committee. The United Front Work department designed the Australia-China Belt and Road Initiative (ACBRI) to advance Xi Jinping’s critical intercontinental framework to build infrastructure with debt and acquire land, energy, and rare earth materials.

Beijing has continued to spread China’s tentacles throughout Australia and multiply hatred for Western civilization. The political policies, treatment of minorities, and political abuse at home and abroad are part and parcel of the Communist system. But foolish and corrupt individuals in the anglosphere cover that fact up while running interference for the CCP. Typically, they have gotten paid off or blackmailed in some way. For example, U.S. Democrat Representative Eric Swalwell was in bed with Fang Fang, a Chinese spy, and remains in office without any ethics investigation.

When policymakers are owned by the CCP and rewarded with gifts, quid pro quos, travel, and jobs, they become mouthpieces of Beijing. It has been proof of China’s use of soft power

A compromised political class is the dupes of the modern Cold War. Dupes were communist sympathizers in Western nations, spying on their home countries and advocating for going soft on oppressive regimes. After 1991, the PRC replaced the USSR as the primary vehicle for Communism to take over the world. If you listen to their own words, this war will never end.

China has taken the long view and used its tremendous financial abundance and inflated currency manipulation to undermine and pressure politicians. It is attempting to exert its influence throughout the world.

U.S. FBI Director Christopher Wray explained that China’s spycraft is highly developed and based on complex and covert actions. They focus on people near an authority which they can compromise or turn to in some way. The people influence strategy and violate top-secret protections. These idiots are often ignorant about how they are being utilized as CCP pawns.

Wray mentioned that American agencies have noted that Chinese agents are forcefully encouraging Americans to adopt policies during the COVID-19 emergency that are advantageous to the CCP.