Chinese Cyber Attacks Continue Against US Targets

The cybersecurity firm Mandiant, reported that it found more than 72 different Chinese websites that report daily on false information about Taiwan, the United States and other false narratives. These “fake” news outlets sent out a story about Marco Rubio, and even created a fake letter that supposedly criticized Nancy Pelosi’s recent trip to Taiwan.

Ryan Serabian and Daniel Zyfra wrote the Mandiant report, and had this to say on the topic, “The campaign leveraged fabricated content designed to discredit opponents who have been critical of the Chinese government, including Chinese businessman Guo Wengui (Miles Kwok) and German anthropologist Adrian Zenz — known for his research on Xinjiang — and China’s reported genocide against the Uyghur population.”

Chinese media chose to target Rubio again, and it’s not the first time that they’ve tried slandering the Republican. They also attacked him in May telling the world of social media that the American politician was sending funds to Zenz, a known instigator of anti-Chinese government material.

Rubio defended himself saying, “I am not surprised that I was targeted by China once again, It is important to expose these networks. Even sloppy efforts can cause confusion, and you can be certain the Chinese Communist Party will continue to slander its opponents in increasingly sophisticated ways.”

The Mandiant Report mentioned other Chinese news outlets and operations that regularly try to ruin the reputation of the United States government and citizens through social media and news.

The one thing that should be remembered from all of this is not to believe everything that’s posted on the internet.

Mandiant is just one of the many private cybersecurity firms working to stop attacks and report the truth of what is going on in the world.