Chinese Police State Company In Charge Of Uyghurs ‘Has A Role’ In Beijing Olympics Security

It should be no surprise that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) will let an organization that has been linked to the technology used to surveil, suppress, and kill minority populations and Chinese citizens at the 2022 Winter Olympic Games. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) linked the Biden-Harris regime endorsed businesses specifically to supply technology through Chinese interests and investors.

The United States has endorsed Chinese companies in many trade and diplomatic agreements. “iFlytek” provides mechanized monitoring, digital language transfers, and video control systems for the Winter Olympics.

The Chinese government utilizes this tech to keep an eye on Chinese Uyghurs, especially in slave labor camps. In 2019, the US Commerce Department endorsed this company that has routinely and repeatedly developed ways to violate civil liberties, infringe upon fundamental human rights, and mistreat individuals. iFlytek has proven a crucial player in executing the CCP’s mission of restraint, mass detainment, and surveillance. iFlytek, alongside other Chinese technology firms, are part of the massive police and surveillance operation in a country pepper with cameras and tracking devices.

Has the Biden-Harris maladministration partnered with China to oppress the Uyghurs, a Muslim and ethnic minority? According to Republican Senator Jim Risch (ID), a Senate Foreign Relations Committee member, iFlytek’s association in the Olympics is dishonorable. It should be a massive problem for freedom-loving people across the world.

Will the International Olympic Committee explain how this business can profit from the Olympics, supporting fundamental liberties and human rights? It knowingly permits Chinese state-supported businesses to sign contracts for security services. Has anyone related to the IOC committee members gotten paid by Chinese interests? The Chinese government’s monstrous assault on the Uyghurs and genocide of large portions of Uyghur villages should concern these high-minded individuals. How did the Beijing Olympics Organizing Committee and IOC determine that its relationship with Beijing overlooks these egregious actions and connections?

Opening ceremonies will take place in one week. Do not watch the Beijing Olympics unless you want to aid the murder of the Uyghurs. This worldwide examination of Chinese denials of basic freedoms needs to come to a head. The United States declared a strategic censuring of the games because the country is killing members of the Uyghur Muslim populace. China is turning the Olympic spirit into worshiping demonic forces from hell.

In a country with a long history of direct observations, spying, and manipulation, iFlytek coordinated efforts with the Chinese Communist Party to abuse information and repress opposition. Republican Representative Michael McCaul (TX), a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said that iFlytek illustrates how the CCP violates American values and funding their operations through the Olympics is nothing short of participating in horrors.

Chinese columnists utilized iFlytek during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics to interpret and modify cross-language correspondence between writers, competitors, and staff. Republican Representative Doug Lamborn (CO) said that the United States should sanction organizations that help destroy the Uyghurs. This issue may have finally come to a head.