Chris Dodd Reveals That His Buddy Joe Biden May Not Run In 2024

Everyone knows that Joe Biden is one and done. Many people are already talking about replacing him. Biden was a placeholder for Democrat Party apparatchiks to take over this country. Chris Dodd and Joe Biden talk all the time, and Dodd has told The New York Times that he thinks Joe will bow out before the end of his 4-year term and the beginning of the 2024 presidential campaign if he even makes it that far.

Almost a year into the Joe Biden maladministration, internal chatter about dementia riddled Sleepy Biden’s future has reached its nadir. Former Democrat Senator Chris Dodd (CT), linked to physically assaulting a waitress in a sandwich with expired Democrat Senator Ted Kennedy, is given his friend’s advice. He has recommended the anti-President may not seek reappointment in 2024.

Dodd thinks that the Biden-Harris maladministration is shifting support to VP Kamala Harris. Harris would like Biden’s endorsement for 2024. But she’s shooting herself in the foot when it comes to garnering his backing. Dodd worked closely with Joe Biden in the Senate for nearly 40 years.

He is pretty confident that Biden will step down before he is up for re-election. Dodd thinks that for unknown or mysterious reasons, that will be the case. As the current VP of US, Democrat Party hack, and Obama machine mouthpiece, he believes that Kamala and the current VP will be nominated eventually. Regardless of how unfavorable her rating is, she is the presumptive nominee.

Joe Biden’s favorability rating is presently 37.8%, according to the USA Today/Suffolk College survey. It is already an indication that in 2020 he was propped up by a committed media spreading propaganda. In 2024, the liberals have a daunting task replacing Biden. VP Kamala Harris is liked even more diminutive than Biden, with a favorability rating of 27.8%.

Trends in recent races won by Republicans indicate that the White House will be occupied by someone other than Joe Biden, considering these ratings.

Kamala Harris is worse than Joe Biden. 51% of survey respondents oppose her work, and 21% are unsure if she is doing a good job. That means they probably doubt her ability but are unwilling to say so.

The USA Today survey showed that Donald Trump would beat Joe Biden in the presidential election in a rematch from 2020. Democrats should note that 44% of Americans favor Trump, and only 40% would vote for Biden. In the political race last year, Biden beat Trump 54%-47%, but generic ballots favor Republicans, and Biden will lose to Trump.

Chris Dodd questions whether President Biden, who will turn 79 this month, will make good on his promise to run again. Biden is prone to saying things he doesn’t mean. “I will probably run for re-election. That is my assumption,” Biden said in Spring. That is his assumption. But is it his destiny? “I’ve always been unable to design four-and-a-half, three-and-a-half years ahead without a doubt,” the leader of the free world said. He is responsible for designing long-term plans for this nation.

Democrats will pressure Biden to settle on a choice concerning his successor soon. The more his power diminishes, the less his endorsement matters. The more he defers and delays, the more Kamala will be impeded. Eventually, she will need to find a way around the president or through him.