Chris Wallace is Now Ripping on Fox News

Many Americans who are familiar with news anchor Chris Wallace remember his time working for Fox News.

Nearly two years ago, Wallace actually moderated the 2020 presidential election debates. Of course, many conservatives criticized the Fox News anchor for openly favoring Biden and allowing the then-candidate to speak past his time while denying the same privilege to then-President Trump.

Because of this and other anti-right views that Wallace frequently shared, many Americans stated he would be better suited for a network other than Fox News.

Lo and behold, news broke soon afterwards that Wallace would be leaving Fox News and going to work for CNN. However, Wallace’s employment with CNN apparently hasn’t brought him much satisfaction, seeing as he’s openly ripping on Fox News, according to Red State.

Diving into Wallace’s Complaints About Fox News

This past weekend, a New York Times interview was published where Wallace spoke at length about his former employment with Fox News.

According to the news anchor, Wallace didn’t take issues with “opinions” that were conservative or liberal; although, issues arose for him when Fox News began covering the 2020 presidential election and its aftermath.

Wallace informed the New York Times that he didn’t care for Fox News “questioning” the outcome of the 2020 presidential election or whether or not the riots on Capitol Hill during January 6 constituted an “insurrection.”

The former Fox News employee ultimately described this as “unsustainable” and inferred that it played a role in his departure from the conservative news network.

Trouble in Paradise at CNN?

For all of Wallace’s complaints about his time with Fox News, CNN is definitely not above criticism.

For starters, several CNN news anchors have faced accusations of inappropriate contact with others. Current news anchor Don Lemon is one example, as is former news anchor Chris Cuomo, who is also currently suing CNN for multiple millions of dollars.

Then, there’s former CNN producer John Griffin who is actually facing legal charges, due to abuse and trafficking of underage girls.

If anything, most people could agree it makes more sense to be outraged about these matters than it does to complain about disagreements concerning January 6, 2021, and the 2020 presidential election.

To top it all off, Wallace also signed onto CNN at a time when the network is significantly struggling with ratings. Ever since Trump left office over one year ago, CNN’s ratings have fallen from where they used to stand.

All things considered, CNN’s future as a network doesn’t appear all that bright.