CNN Has Just Come Out as Anti-Free Speech

At this juncture in 2022, there is no denying the political left and the Democrat Party have declared war on free speech.

Former President Barack Obama recently visited Stanford University, giving a speech about how the rights within the First Amendment don’t pertain to social media platforms.

In the days following this, the Biden-controlled Department of Homeland Security (DHS) put together a Disinformation Governance Board to oversee and control online speech.

Leftists continue to go berserk over Elon Musk purchasing Twitter and saying the platform will be supportive of free speech going forward. There are many more examples to cite; yet, at this point, Democrats are telling on themselves.

This is what happened during a recent segment on CNN, as documented by Red State.

CNN Goes All In For Censorship

During a Sunday roundtable, CNN panelist David Zurawik completely railed against the First Amendment.

Zurawik proclaimed that regulation is “needed.” He then went on to say that people like Elon Musk can’t be allowed to “control discourse” in the United States. Yet, ironically, Zurawik and others like him want the political left to be in control of discourse in America.

Nevertheless, the CNN panelist declared the country is “in hell,” presumably because people with opposing viewpoints to his are not completely censored. Of course, Zurawik wrapped up his anti-free speech tirade by alleging that former President Trump unleashed “the gates of hell.”

This is par for the course for CNN, at this time. The network would love nothing more than for Democrats to have the final and only say on information, ideas, communication, expression, etc.

Habitually, CNN has joined other leftists in deeming anything that goes against left-wing narratives as “disinformation” or “misinformation.”

The clear objective here is censorship and the total shutdown of anyone who is not in lockstep with the Democrat Party.

All About Control

For the past two years, Democrats tried to control whether or not Americans worked, traveled, or wore diapers on their faces.

Now, Democrats are shifting in the attempt to control what Americans say, think, and the information they have access to. The words from David Zurawik are just a manifestation of what the Democrat Party is trying to do in its quest for power.

If Democrats are able to keep or expand power, they will become more dangerous in their attacks against free speech.

The only way to stop these attacks dead in their tracks is to vote Democrats out of power and vote in Republicans who value the First Amendment, along with other inalienable rights and freedoms.