CNN Has Officially Turned On Biden

CNN is very well-established as a pro-leftist, anti-right, anti-conservative network. Time after time, CNN has gone out of its way to bash conservatives, praise progressives, and they stopped pretending to be an objective news source long ago.

In light of this, it’s not shocking that CNN has mainly been singing Biden’s praises, puffing up his presidency, and acting as if he can do no wrong, at least until recently.

The 46th president’s tenure has become such a disastrous flop that even CNN can no longer uphold the charade that everything is all good on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The left-wing network also covers news that doesn’t paint Biden in the best of lights.

However, this ongoing pattern has reached a new level with CNN releasing a recent poll that indeed does some damage to the 46th president, as RedState confirms.

Former President Jimmy Carter is widely regarded as one of the worst presidents America has ever had. However, a brand new poll from CNN currently shows that Biden has overtaken Carter.

At this time, the 46th president’s approval rating sits at a low 44%. Meanwhile, his disapproval rating has soared to the tune of 55%. With Biden having a net -9 in terms of approval, Carter (around this time in his presidency during early 1978) came in at a net -8.

It is a statistical confirmation that Biden has now taken Carter’s place as the worst and most unpopular president the nation has ever had to endure. However, there are additional troubling parallels between Biden and Carter.

He infamously delivered the offensive malaise speech. Meanwhile, Biden has warned Americans to expect sickness and fatalities stemming from COVID this winter. It is ironic, coming from the same person who once vowed to “shut down” coronavirus altogether.

During the 2020 White House race, countless conservatives warned that a Biden presidency would amount to nothing more than an outright nightmare for America.

However, even in light of this, Biden has shocked the United States with the number of problems he’s caused in less than one year. The 46th president has just recently passed the 11-month mark of his White House tenure, and the country is in a heap of trouble.

It understandably has the nation concerned with what the next three years will look like, in light of the damage incurred in under one year.

Time will tell. However, the 2022 midterm elections will undoubtedly play a role in whether Congress backs the horrible Biden agenda or serves as the necessary checks and balances.