CNN Host Brian Stelter Is A ‘Complete Idiot’ And Should Be ‘Fired Immediately’

The fact that CNN host and senior media reporter Brian Stelter still has a job with CNN, once the most trusted name in the news now a progenitor of fake news, tells you everything you need to know about liberal Democrat legacy media. These people are shameless.

Brian Stelter is a dopey clown rambling into small cars and jamming bananas in tailpipes. On CNN’s Reliable Sources, Stelter ran a segment where his group visited a New York study hall showing an eighth-grader class how to recognize and try not to be deluded by misinformation. If he were honest, which he is not, the first lesson would include rejecting everything on CNN. Instead, according to the Humpty Dumpty of news, the school needs to arm eighth-graders with the weapons to battle falsehood. They will require new tools in a universe of data immersion and misinformation.

Stelter asks his viewers to envision trying to figure out how to live in 2022 as a teenager. It must be more complicated than in the 1980s because somehow, Brian made it to adulthood. How ridiculous is a blogger because of a staple on a cable news network? Whatever standards CNN once had are out the window.

Stelter can not seem to imagine being anything other than an expert on everything related to the news and the media, even though he is repeatedly and routinely 180-degrees wrong on issues and public policy. He spends most of his time regarding his navel and reprimanding everyone who does not buy into leftist and socialist ideology. This so-called propaganda generally comes from traditional media and never from CNN.

Is misinformation a more significant problem today than it was, say, in the 1960s? The media wants you to believe that it is a genuine pressing issue. But instead of disseminating truth, say about Biden maladministration or COVID-19 vaccines or international relations, they seem to embrace the role of truth-teller, lie spotter, and fact-checker. When you tell everyone else what is true, you have a lot of power. According to Stelter, that gets to the inspiration for propaganda driving misinformation: you need to trust something or deal with reality directly.

Do not worry about CNN’s misdirection and propaganda regarding the Russian Hoax and the Steele dossier. A demonstrable false story asserting Trump was a Russian agent was peddled on CNN for years. Stelter and his CNN buddies covered lies fanatically. When it was uncovered that a Russian spy paid by Hillary Clinton planted the story, Stelter did not think it was necessary to come clean. That is a clear indication of his complicity in the cover-up. Stelter blamed Kellyanne Conway for spreading falsehood when she asserted that the dossier was unsubstantiated because it was! Stelter claimed that his participation in spreading lies could be dismissed as a media correspondent, not Steele dossier columnist.

The same can be said about the January 6 insurrection narrative and the Hunter Biden stories. CNN is actively engaged in an information war and running a psychological operation to directly manipulate about 100,000 Americans in liberal urban centers and airports. They hope that these people will spread Stelter’s gospel of lies to the far corners of the earth.