CNN Host Puzzled By Brandon’s Unpopularity For His Intelligence And Decency

CNN host and Washington Post columnist Fareed Zakaria recently published an op-ed headlined, “The puzzle of Joe Biden’s unpopularity,” tweeting:

“Pres. Biden has mostly handled his job with intelligence and decency, but he is paying the price for the tough times we’re living through.”

Brandon Gillespie reported Friday at Fox News:

“In November, multiple pundits and guests on left-leaning CNN and MSNBC suggested Biden wasn’t faring well in the polls partly because Americans weren’t engaged enough in politics.”

You all aren’t hearing the people who disapprove of Brandon’s presidency. It’s not because he’s an indecent or unintelligent fellow. That’s what the people who hated Trump were saying about Trump.

That’s not the beef here. It’s the vaccine mandate. And covid madness in general. And federal spending and inflation. Afghanistan is just the usual light partisan spin on a story.

It’s not like being a decent or intelligent guy automatically entitles you to look at my private medical records or require me to furnish proof that I have submitted to a mandatory, invasive medical procedure that changes how my body works. I get the final say and am the final authority over that matter. It’s not even up for a discussion and a matter of friendly condescension that I even discuss it with people who think that is up for debate. That’s why Brandon is unpopular because he’s not a very rare person who believes that way about vaccine mandates.