CNN is Lying to Americans About the Current Recession

The ongoing recession is having devastating impacts in the lives of everyday Americans. People are working multiple jobs just to put food on the table. Meanwhile, rent prices are increasing along with interest rates.

Aside from the twice stagnant GDP rate, another sign of a recession emerges as businesses begin laying off their workers.

However, as people deal with the current fallouts of economic decline, CNN claims that what Americans are really getting is a monthly $100 pay bump.

A New Low For CNN
CNN’s argument is that because gas prices have modestly declined within the past few weeks, Americans are getting either a mild uptick in their monthly pay or a “tax cut” totaling $100.

However, this simply isn’t accurate.

For one thing, gas prices have surged by more than 60% since Biden got into the White House. Secondly, the modest decline that CNN’s attempting to spin into a tax cut or pay increase is the result of lower demand.

Decreased demand for gas comes as more Americans are staying home or reducing the time they spend driving. This isn’t a win for the Biden administration. It’s an indicator of how much Americans are having to downsize their lives amid a declining economy.

To this very day, the president and his allies have yet to own up to their role in the current recession and the spending that brought the economy to its current state.

Major Public Backlash
If CNN was hoping to soothe Americans’ concerns about gas prices and the economy, its spin on the current situation had the opposite effect.

On social media, Americans ripped into CNN, accusing the left-wing news organization of gaslighting the nation. Others pointed out that the network is trying to run defense for the president in a situation that’s indefensible.

To many Americans, Biden’s refusal to embrace pro-US energy policies hasn’t been forgotten either. Reforms that permit more domestic energy production would make energy more available, thus lowering costs.

However, the current administration continues to prioritize green energy, climate change, and other initiatives over lowering energy costs. CNN’s latest spin on the matter has only highlighted the challenges Americans are up against.