CNN’s Harry Enten Sounds Alarm Over Biden’s Dismal Post-Debate Poll Numbers

CNN data analyst Harry Enten reacted with shock to new poll numbers for President Joe Biden following a disastrous debate performance. On air, Enten pointed out that the latest figures are historically low for an incumbent president, particularly regarding Biden’s perceived mental fitness.

The CBS News and YouGov post-debate polls showed a sharp decline in voter confidence. Before the debate, 35% of voters believed Biden had the mental health to serve as president, but that number has since dropped to 27%. Furthermore, the percentage of voters who think Biden should run for president fell from 37% to 28%.

“I have never seen numbers this bad for an incumbent president during my lifetime,” Enten said, emphasizing the severity of the situation. He noted that concerns about Biden’s age and mental health existed in 2020, but the current decline is much more pronounced.

When asked about the possibility of another Democratic candidate replacing Biden, Enten explained the lack of viable alternatives. He reviewed polling data for several potential candidates, including Gretchen Whitmer, Gavin Newsom, and Kamala Harris, all of whom trail Donald Trump in head-to-head matchups. “The idea here that we’re somehow going to get this magic bullet, that there’s somehow going to be some Democrat who can beat Donald Trump easily, I just don’t see it in the numbers,” Enten explained.

The dismal polling results have intensified discussions within the Democratic Party about Biden’s candidacy, with some members calling for him to step aside. The party faces a significant challenge in identifying a strong candidate who can effectively compete against Trump.