Concerned Americans For America: A Grassroots Organization Making A Difference in Key Battleground States

Concerned Americans for America, a Super PAC founded by dedicated Republican activists Terry Capsay and Debbie Blaine, has been making significant strides in mobilizing voters and spreading conservative messages in crucial battleground states. The organization was born out of frustration with the Collier County Republican Executive Committee’s reported lack of action in supporting President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign in 2020.

Undeterred by the local GOP’s inaction, Capsay and Blaine took the initiative to set up a table at the Alamo gun store in Naples, Florida, to raise funds and recruit volunteers for Trump’s campaign. Their efforts were met with overwhelming support, raising over $20,000 and recruiting more than 200 volunteers who were put to work door hanging and addressing postcards.

Concerned Americans for America targeted independent, Hispanic and Black voters in Collier County with pro-Trump messaging, reaching out to more than 100,000 registered voters in 2020.

Their hard work paid off, as Trump’s victory margin in the county increased from 44,338 in 2016 to 51,329 in 2020.

In 2022, the organization shifted its focus to Wisconsin, where Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) faced a tough reelection battle. Concerned Americans for America delivered pro-Johnson messaging on billboards and door hangers, reaching more than 300,000 people between Labor Day and Election Day. Their efforts contributed to Sen. Johnson’s victory over Mandela Barnes by 26,718 votes out of more than 2.6 million votes cast.

Looking ahead to the 2024 presidential election, Concerned Americans for America has set its sights on Wisconsin once again, believing that “Trump’s road back to the White House goes through Wisconsin.” The organization has committed to putting up at least 50 billboards across the state with pro-Trump and anti-Biden messages, potentially reaching more than 2.5 million people per week leading up to the November 5 election.

Despite their ambitious plans, Concerned Americans for America faces financial challenges. As Terry Capsay stated, “While failure is not an option, we urgently need financial help from other Concerned Americans for America.” The organization maintains a “no grifter” policy and promises that 100% of contributions made on are spent on messaging.

Concerned Americans for America serves as an example of how grassroots activism and individual dedication can make a significant impact in the political landscape, even in the face of inaction from within their own party. As the 2024 election approaches, organizations like this one will play a crucial role in mobilizing voters and shaping the conservative message in key battleground states.

Individuals stepping up and addressing the voids where possible will be a crucial component in this election in which government regulations and legal warfare are already being implemented and waged to render 2024 a challenging struggle for conservatives.