Concerns Mount As Coalition Vows To March On DNC With Or Without Permit

As the Democratic National Convention in Chicago approaches, concerns are growing over potential disruptions and violence from protesters. A coalition of over 70 organizations, including pro-Palestinian groups and police brutality activists, has pledged to march on the convention regardless of whether they secure a permit.

The Coalition to March on the DNC recently withdrew its permit application in response to the removal of a pro-Palestinian encampment at DePaul University. Hatem Abudayyeh, USPCN National Chair, stated that the coalition represents a “unity between those two very similar communities who are dealing with very, very similar racism and very similar oppression.”

Demonstrators have been holding “lead-up mobilizations” to highlight their demands and grow support leading up to the August convention. Darien Harris, who was cleared of murder charges after serving 12 years, spoke at a recent rally, emphasizing the shared struggle against injustice.

Despite the federal government allocating $75 million for security measures, Democratic Chicago Alderman Raymond Lopez expressed “serious concerns” about the potential for disruption. He noted that protests may not be confined to the convention area and could spill into downtown districts and neighborhoods, straining the city’s police department.
With the ceasefire in Gaza still uncertain and the convention only three months away, the

specter of unrest looms large over Chicago. The city’s ability to manage the protests while ensuring public safety will be put to the test.