Confused BLM Protestors Called For A Communist Revolution In America

Last weekend, protesters unhappy about the not guilty verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse case gathered in Chicago to exercise their right to assemble to petition for the redress of grievances peacefully.

But they didn’t clearly define their grievances nor call for a constitutional legal remedy. Instead, they called for sedition, demolishing the U.S. constitution in favor of communism is sedition.

Notorious anti-Semite Rev. Jesse Jackson and his Rainbow PUSH Coalition were out on the streets to protest the Rittenhouse verdict, which Jackson called a “major blow against justice and open season by the violence of right-wing military.”

The corporate press has relentlessly disparaged Kyle Rittenhouse since the young man defended himself with his rifle at a violent protest last summer.

Rittenhouse, a minor at the time, was assaulted by a vicious and dangerous crowd of completely unhinged maniacs intent on deadly violence that night, as was abundantly clear to anyone who watched the unbelievable amounts of cell phone camera footage taken that night.

Yet all the usual suspects in the corporate press went into overdrive to spin what happened that night to agitate political factions into continuing their irrational, destructive war over the U.S. government and American society.

They repeatedly ran segments with missing context and deliberately misleading statements to insinuate that Rittenhouse was out to do vigilante justice or engage in white supremacist terrorism.

But the truth is he was defending local businesses that had become the target of repeated waves of violent attacks by “protestors” who were the real terrorists in Kenosha last summer.

The president of the United States would stick his nose into a local criminal case while it was still in process, and offering his opinion was a very indecent and inappropriate abuse of his power as president.

And what he said about Rittenhouse was a falsehood. He was armed in a dangerous area for his self-defense. That’s not the same as vigilantism. It’s a constitutional right. And it turned out he needed to be armed when he had to use his firearm to defend himself against a violent riot intent on maiming or killing him.

Since President Biden made fighting sedition a priority of his administration early on after the Jan 6 Capitol Hill riots, you would think he would have something to say about actual seditionists protesting in Chicago against the Rittenhouse not guilty verdict by calling for the entire government to be replaced with communism.

But the president of your country is busily violating its constitution as a matter of policy every day.