Conservative Group Launches Service To Alert Consumers About Woke Companies

Consumers Research, a conservative non-profit organization, recently announced the launch of a new service designed to help consumers avoid “woke” companies that push progressive agendas.

Woke Alert promises to notify consumers via text alerts when companies cave to “the woke mob” and make decisions based on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards, as well as LGBTQ, critical race theory and other leftist political agendas.

According to Consumers Research Executive Director Will Hild, the service aims to help consumers make informed decisions about where they spend their money by informing them of the “dangerous agendas” that some companies may promote.

The organization stated that Woke Alert was created to hold corporations who put progressive activists and their agendas ahead of customers accountable.

“Companies are incentivized to go Woke in order to score high on ratings systems like ESG and the Corporate Equality Index, because activists and asset managers like BlackRock CEO Larry Fink hold far too much power to force their progressive agenda on the American people,” Hild said.

“Our message to companies is that if you go woke, we will find out and will make sure the American people find out as well,” Hild added.

So far, the Woke Alert service has listed 16 well-known companies particularly committed to leftist political agendas as “woke.” These companies include Apple, Coca-Cola, Uber, Disney, Nike, Silicon Valley Bank, Airbnb, and Ticketmaster.

The service has also blacklisted companies such as Jack Daniels, Bud Light, and BlackRock, warning consumers to be cautious when considering purchasing products from these companies.

While many have embraced the concept as a helpful one, the idea of boycotting some companies does not please some, as critics have raised concerns about the service, arguing that it may promote divisiveness and discourage companies from implementing socially responsible policies.

Despite the criticism, Woke Alert has already gained a significant following among conservative consumers, who believe that the service provides a valuable resource for identifying companies that promote “dangerous” political agendas.

Consumers Research urges interested users to sign up to receive text alerts about companies that peddle woke agendas.