Control Is Declining Quickly To The States Beneath Joe Biden’s Organization

What voters said they were tired of during the Trump years was divisive politics threatening our nation’s very stability and future. Even Never Trump Republicans echoed this constant refrain of the Democrats out of the White House.

It turns out the party leaders on CNN, and at the DNC, in elected offices across the country, and holding positions of influence in social media didn’t have a problem with hyper-partisanship and political division.

With one of their own at the helm of the White House, the leaders that managed the government and polity during eight years of the Obama Administration, and led the “resistance” against Donald Trump, which mainly consisted of dragging the character of U.S. politics as far into the gutter as possible for four years straight, and then blaming Trump for doing that.

Have pushed with all their might into an unprecedented and unconstitutional agenda of regimenting American society and economy into a Soviet-style command-and-control autocracy, against the wishes of millions of Americans, whose voice got left out of the national public policy discussion for the Bidenists as soon as their candidate took office.

Democrats nominated an old, feeble, regularly incoherent career politician whose career in Washington has largely been inconsequential (other than sponsoring and getting the 1994 Crime Bill passed). The Democratic Party was signaling that the U.S. would get and voters were hoping for a nice, quiet four years after actually developing severe anxiety and paranoia from all the pretending to be anxious and paranoid the media did over Trump as president.

Well, that was a lie.

The old Obama cadre swooped back into action with Joe Biden in the White House and started issuing executive orders at an astounding record pace. Meanwhile, Democrats in Washington, with the help of some Republicans, keep pushing trillion-dollar appropriations packages as the national debt balloons and sneaking federal healthcare regulations into infrastructure packages

Most cruel of all to millions of Americans that belong to this country as much as the voters who ticked the box next to Joe Biden a year ago, are the blatantly unconstitutional and intolerable vaccine mandates that the administration has pushed through under the guise of OSHA workplace safety regulations, abusing the law to force through a policy agenda. 

It was bad enough when Washington insiders began painting Biden’s critics with the broad brush of “terrorist” and “seditious,” trying to make political capital out of the Jan 6th riots on Capitol Hill, but after the U.S. Department of Justice and National School Board Association got together to threaten and intimidate parents who participate in their local community discussions in defiance of coronavirus hysteria affecting their children’s education and upbringing.

Eleven state school board associations have officially left the NSBA: Florida, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Alabama, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina. Several more have distanced themselves from the NSBA over the politicized, overt hostility the Washington politburo has treated parents and educators. 

Joe Biden’s term should have been an easy win for Democrats. They could have just slow-walked it for four years like voters were hoping for, not shake the boat too hard, not try anything too random or scary or unconstitutional, and sit back and effortlessly reap the supposed political benefits of not being Donald Trump.

Instead, Washington Democrats and their supporters in the rank-and-file across this country are tightening their grip on America and finding the more they tighten their grasp, the more state, municipal, and people power slips through their fingers.