Cory Booker Thinks Democrats Will Expand Their Senate Majority

In the midterm elections, the House of Representatives has been consistently predicted to go back to the Republican Party. Due to redistricting and Republicans gaining momentum in purple and swing districts, the party will not struggle with picking up seats.

Up until recently, though, the Senate was viewed as more of a tossup. This is because statewide elections had Republicans and Democrats polling neck-in-neck with one another.

That pattern has since changed. Polls that were once statistically tied now have Republican candidates with modest or substantial leads. This is especially true in swing states like Pennsylvania and Georgia.

Yet, despite this empirical data that favors Republicans, Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) claims Democrats are actually going to pick up more Senate seats.

Wishful Thinking From the Left-wing
During an ABC News interview, Booker puffed up the Democrat Party, alleging that it is ultimately the party of freedom, affordable healthcare, and unions.

This is the basis the New Jersey lawmaker used to claim Democrats are going to get Senate seats in states like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina.

Despite admitting Democrats are up against an election that is “tough,” Booker expressed zero doubt that his party will make it to victory.

Thus far, Republicans only need one extra seat in order to claim the Senate majority.

In Pennsylvania, polls are starting to show Republican Mehmet Oz leading Democrat John Fetterman. In Georgia, Republican Herschel Walker is also leading Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) by multiple points.

Putting on a Brave Face?
Booker is not the only Democrat to allege, despite all evidence to the contrary, that his party will expand its congressional power. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) also made similar remarks in a recent interview.

However, polls continue to show that Democrats are losing Independents, a key demographic. More Independents favor Republicans and are poised to vote accordingly.

On top of that, polls indicate the general public has more trust in the GOP when it comes to issues like the economy, crime and gas prices. These are critical, real-life struggles facing Americans every day, issues that Democrats are trying hard to avoid.

Democrats likewise have an unpopular president to contend with. Biden’s unpopularity is so staggering that some vulnerable left-wing candidates do not even want to be seen with him.

Time will tell which party takes the Senate. Though the polls, data, and numbers are not backing up what Booker is selling.