Cuomo Lawyer “Honored” With Year-End Award For Hypocritical Participation In Women’s Advocacy Group

Back in 2018, when Time’s Up was founded by attorney Roberta Kaplan and Michelle Obama aide Tina Tchen, it was presented to the public as an organization designed to support the #MeToo movement and support female victims of sensual misconduct. Regardless of how apparent it may be now, few commenters in the corporate media believed it would become an apologist outlet for Democrats accused of abusing women.

As it turned out, Kaplan was one of the first people to whom former Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo reached out after things turned sour for him on the lewd harassment front. He was accused by former state employee Lindsey Boylan of carnal misconduct in office in December 2020.

Kaplan was pleased to have the opportunity to assist Cuomo’s legal team with an op-ed by the governor written to deny the legitimacy of Boylan’s claims while attacking her credibility and political motivations. The op-ed was not published, but the New York attorney general found that it was written as part of a campaign by Kaplan and Cuomo’s other advisors to retaliate against Boylan and the other women. They came forward against the former governor.

After facing credible allegations from 11 women that he was guilty of physical harassment, Cuomo resigned in disgrace as governor on August 10. One day before that, Kaplan “reluctantly” left her position with Time’s Up. She was facing staffers’ claims that she failed in the group’s mission to help carnal abuse victims and said that maintaining a legal practice was not consistent with the Time’s Up mission. Then resigned several weeks later, effectively ending the national #MeToo movement.

On Tuesday, the Washington Free Beacon announced that it presented Roberta Kaplan with its sarcastic first annual Bill Clinton Award for Feminist Achievement. The outlet pointed out that Bill’s wife has made a strong showing of claiming that her failure to defeat President Donald Trump served as an inspiration to more capable women to break the glass ceilings in their lives.