Dark Money Utilized To Hush Republicans Investigating Biden Family

Democrats are pulling out all stops to thwart Republican efforts to investigate President Joe Biden and his son Hunter’s suspected international business dealings.

The new House majority means that for the first time since Biden was inaugurated, he will be held accountable. This is something that his party wants no part of.

Now they have unleashed the Congressional Integrity Project. This misnamed group is charged with digging up dirt — nicely referred to in Washington as “opposition research” — on GOP leaders who are investigating the Biden family.

The new Republican House majority is already peering into the presidential family’s business ventures, the classified documents scandal, the border crisis, and the wasting of tens of billions of dollars in COVID-19 relief funds.

This Democratic effort flies in the face of the party’s insistence that “dark money” carries outsized weight in the nation’s capital. Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA), who is closely connected with the project, harshly criticized dark money during the Trump administration.

He claimed the funding was “poisoning our democracy” and preventing action on issues even when the two parties agree on them.

CNN described the project as a “coordinated offense” against Republicans intent on investigating the White House.

The Congressional Integrity Project was created in 2020 and does not disclose its individual donors. However, tax records show that it received most of its money through the left-wing Sixteen Thirty Fund.

That Democratic dark money group forked over $1.5 million to the project since 2020, which is almost equivalent to the group’s total revenues for the period. How aligned with the radical Democratic left is the Sixteen Thirty Fund?

Billionaire donor George Soros in 2021 alone donated $24,930,000 to its coffers.

It is notable that the Democratic dark money effort did not wait to see where the Republican investigations led. It did not hold off until the evidence against the Biden family as well as White House malpractices was revealed.

Instead, it steamrolled ahead in its attempt to unearth whatever may be useful to attack the congressional investigators. And without personal accountability for the donors, the project is the very definition of dark money that Democrats love to lash out against.