Dashcam Footage: State Trooper Physically Assaulted

According to a report by WTSP-TV, dashcam footage reveals a Florida Highway Patrol officer getting punched by a man who was walking along the shoulder of I-4 interstate highway. The situation quickly escalated, which is proof that sometimes even the simplest service calls can be dangerous for law enforcement officials. Florida Highway Patrol is thankful to the good Samaritans who stopped to help the state trooper.

On Friday, just before 10 a.m, State Trooper Ruiz was responding to a call regarding a man in a Mickey Mouse shirt carrying a duffle bag and walking on the left shoulder of the I-4 interstate highway. Ruiz proceeded toward the man, who is identified as Alexander Hernandez Delgado by the Florida Highway Patrol, and questioned him about what he was doing on the highway.

As per FHP’s report, Delgado replied that he is an artist who just got kicked out of his house by his mother. Trooper Ruiz tried to search him and get him into his police cruiser after running his name through the police database.

According to the arrest report, Delgado became quarrelsome and claimed that the trooper was bothering him. Trooper Ruiz claims that he was just trying to help Delgado get off the highway.

Dashcam footage reveals Delgado punched the officer in the face. At that point, the trooper states Delgado tried to run toward the center guardrail. The trooper tried to arrest him, but Delgado tried to resist and threw several more punches at the trooper.

The footage then reveals the trooper tackled Delgado near the guardrail, but Delgado kept resisting and fighting.

The footage then shows a truck pulling over to help the trooper subdue Delgado and handcuff him. Other drivers also stopped and rushed to the scene to assist the trooper.

Delgado and Ruiz were both checked on by paramedics, both of them suffering minor injuries. Delgado was taken into custody and booked at the Hillsborough County Jail. Delgado is being charged with resisting an officer with violence and battery on a law enforcement officer.

Founder of Wounded Blue Randy Sutton appreciates the good Samaritans who pulled over to help the trooper. These police officers put their lives on the line in order to protect and serve the community, and even the most straightforward and routine calls can evolve into a deadly situation.