David Perdue To Challenge Brian Kemp In George Governor Republican Primary

A fight looms in Georgia. David Perdue is ready to do battle. He was unseated from the Senate in the bizarre election of 2020.

The former Senator and business executive will challenge Brian Kemp for the governor’s seat. Trump asked Perdue to remove Kemp over his refusal to evaluate the 2020 political election irregularities.

David Perdue is not willing to sweep Democrat election meddling under the rug. He said that “the way the media and Democrats disparaged the proposals to strengthen Georgia election law is meant to shut down conservatives and increase the liberal’s power over our nation.”

David Perdue is linked to Donald Trump, who supported him in his previous election campaign for Georgia Senate. He plans to declare his campaign to challenge Brian Kemp. It is the method of uprooting establishment Republicans. Get them in the primary, where they are less prepared to fight an entrenched battle on principle. One year from now, the governor’s election will take place.

He barely lost in a tight runoff race to Democrat Senator Jon Ossoff, a documentary film producer and investigative journalist.

President Donald Trump wanted to remove Kemp because he refused to help investigate the votes and audit the process, especially suspicious activity in Fulton County and Atlanta during the presidential election in Georgia. Kemp is following the first political rule of Georgia: do nothing that can be perceived or twisted into racial division.

Perdue hopes to get funding when raising money with support from the Trump team. Before the Georgia Republican primary, he will need to build a coalition to compete with the Kemp machine, which is entrenched in Georgia government administration. He declared his intention to run this week.

Kemp lackeys are attacking Perdue. They accused him of adding soaring debt, open borders, runaway government spending, and woke up. How did David Perdue do that? By being a part of the Republican caucus in the United States Senate.

According to the Kemp team, Perdue will not do enough to prevent the extreme left’s development. Then he claimed that David Perdue’s wealth means that he is not in touch with everyday Georgia concerns. One of those concerns is the right to vote that Kemp deftly avoided doing anything to defend.

A typical tactic is deflecting attention away from Kemp’s failures to point out that Joe Biden’s horrendous Breaking Bad Better plan will devastate this nation. It implies that Kemp could do a better job than Perdue in preventing the damage caused by the Biden-Harris maladministration to reach Georgia. But this is the guy who did nothing and only twirled his thumbs as Joe Biden’s puppet masters rammed their way into the White House and unseated Perdue.

Georgians need a governor who protects their jobs and families. David Perdue will do that much better than Brian Kemp. Kemp cannot protect his own family and friends. An epic GOP fight in Georgia will be another bellwether, much like Virginia. If Perdue wins, he will probably need to confront and beat Stacey Abrams, an election activist and the likely 2022 gubernatorial candidate for Democrat Party. She barely lost to Kemp in 2018.