DC Mayor Can Read Carjacker’s Mind

Another person was killed by a carjacker this week in Washington DC. The suspect remains at large, but the mayor was asked about it, given the rash of violent crime. She was giving the standard political answer when she went off-script. Bowser said that the person who forcibly took the car from the murdered doctor and ran him over probably did not mean to kill him. Really? How on earth can she know that? She cannot. The mayor is just making it up because Democrats are inherently soft on crime, preferring to blame a system rather than place the responsibility on the individual. Also, it does not matter because there is this little thing called “felony murder” where if someone dies during the commission of a felony, they can be charged with murder. Hey, but the actual rules do not matter to Mayor Bowser.

Paraphrasing Britany, oops, she did it again. We should not be surprised by the mayor’s gaffe. Previously she was roasted for a tone-deaf tweet after another murder because of a different carjacking. She is not good at this.

If you have not heard of Mayor Bowser, you are not alone. Washington DC is a small city and all the oxygen is taken up by the press corps federal government coverage. When she is not mishandling violent crime in her city, she gets roasted to take on Mumbo sauce. She is annoyed by it, if you were wondering. That is the kind of coverage she usually gets.

Besides her hot takes on condiments, Ms. Bowser is a strong proponent of Black Lives Matter. She was, however, in the minority of Democratic mayors when it came to the defund the police movement by deeming it inappropriate for the district. A smart move considering our nation’s capital is the most crime-ridden city in the country. It has been under Democratic control for decades, but no one has improved the crime problem. If her record of accomplishment is any indication, Mayor Bowser will not turn the city around any time soon.