DC Mayor ‘Extends’ Mask Mandate Even Though Everyone Knows Masks Don’t Work

Muriel Bowser, the current mayor of DC, has decided that the current mask mandate will remain in place until February 28, 2022.

Let us forget for a moment that Mayor Bowser has already been in trouble for her classic rules for thee but not for my wedding reception disaster. Let us also ignore that the CDC has said that cloth masks are little more than facial decorations. Instead, let us focus on the fact that despite some of the most rigid health restrictions in the country, DC is still experiencing an explosion of Omicron COVID cases.

Washington DC requires that businesses check the vaccination status of all patrons over the age of 12 as of January 15, 2022. The list includes every business you can think of if you check out. Still, to be safe, they had the wording “any other indoor establishment designated by the Director of the DC Department of Health.” This catch-all is just in case you annoy us with your disagreement with all our shenanigans.

The six-foot rule, the facial cloth decorations, and vaccine “show me your papers” requirements have shown zero efficacy in reducing the number of cases compared to places that have done absolutely nothing. All the mandates have accomplished is to create division over political force to impose health measures.

The better course of action has always been to have an open debate on all possible countermeasures for COVID, including discussions about early treatment, and allow people the individual choice to deal with the epidemic.

With the United Kingdom and Denmark beginning to relax restrictions, our leaders can stop doubling down on not working things. Unfortunately, it seems that instead of placing their trust in the people they represent, some politicians do not want to relinquish the newfound power that the pandemic has given them.