Dean Obeidallah Labels GOP As ‘Fascist Movement’ On MSNBC

During a recent appearance on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut,” left-wing radio host Dean Obeidallah sharply attacked the Republican Party, describing it as a “fascist movement” willing to use violence to gain power. Obeidallah’s remarks come in the wake of increased political tensions and divisions in the United States.

Obeidallah compared the actions of some Republicans to acts of domestic terrorism, referencing the January 6 Capitol riot. He pointed out that even FBI Director Christopher Wray had labeled the event as domestic terrorism. “Apparently, yesterday was bring a terrorist to work day because that’s the reality,” Obeidallah said. “What so angers me is that January 6 was an act of domestic terrorism.”

He further accused Republicans of welcoming extremists, likening it to inviting Osama bin Laden to Ground Zero after 9/11. “They go to the Capitol where they cheer him, sang songs, gave him a baseball from the Congressional baseball game the day before,” he added.

Obeidallah’s commentary emphasized his view that the GOP no longer functions as a traditional political party but as an anti-democratic, fascist movement. He warned of the potential for further violence and unrest as the country approaches the next election. “Today’s GOP is how democracies die, and that’s historically accurate. It is not a democratic party. It’s not a political party as we know it,” Obeidallah stated.

He expressed concern about the upcoming election on November 5, suggesting that the GOP will align behind former President Donald Trump regardless of the consequences. “The danger part is the GOP will all line up no matter what Trump asks of them. That is what makes them so dangerous.”

The fearmongering and lies are nothing new for the Democrats. But for a party that has bent over backwards to allow an essentially senile man like Biden to run the country, the hypocrisy is a bit stunning.