Debra Messing Is Still Liberal Even Though She Objects To Liberal Media Lies

It is news when liberals say or tweet things that make sense. It is a sad commentary on the state of the Democrat Party and our nation. But conservatives cannot look for affirmation from liberals like Debra Messing or Bill Maher. Blind squirrels that find nuts are not to be rewarded or praised.

Debra Messing says Republicans “still defend the Nazis” from the Charlottesville rally. She thinks that Donald Trump is a racist white supremacist. And she Tweeted that calling the slaughter in Waukesha an accident is wrong.

Most liberal media instinctively misapplied terms to the Waukesha assault that left six dead and massive injuries. The people harmed are not honored by the press, who minimize the slaughter or race to get the story out of the consistent pattern of media reporting through deception.

On MSNBC, Waukesha’s violent, racially motivated domestic terrorist attack was called an accident. This supposed accident happened when the van swerved left and right to hit as many people as possible. The media’s showcase of impropriety is being slammed by bipartisan opposition.

Messing slammed the media in a tweet, saying, “Dear Mainstream Media, a man purposely drove his car through a parade, killing six and injuring 50+.” It wasn’t happening. Call it what it is: the #WaukeshaMassacre. It was also a domestic terror attack.

Don’t minimize what happened in Waukesha. Officials gave more data in a question-and-answer session. A child harmed in the Waukesha march died in the hospital.

Does Messing oppose liberal District Attorneys? The media politicize weaponized-vehicle assaults and turn the Waukesha murders into a car crash. After the Waukesha assault, Democrats need to concede that bail reform is a failure.

Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm, elected in 2007, supported changing the cash bail framework stating that it disproportionately affected impoverished citizens. The lead prosecutor let the Waukesha Christmas attacker out on bond two days before the savage attack. He conceded his changes ensured murders would be let out.

Chisholm was criticized in the wake of the Sunday attack by a man who ran over five individuals in Waukesha. He promised to explore how this murderer was given a $1,000 cash bond regardless of purportedly running the mother of his child with his vehicle in a Milwaukee corner store parking area.

In a meeting with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Chisholm said future crimes would occur because of his policies, but that doesn’t nullify the general methodology. Really? He portrays himself as an intense reformer with a history of guarding our cities and supports liberal Democrat DAs across the nation. He has praised George Soros and helped prosecutors in Philadelphia, Boston, St. Louis, and San Francisco.

Conservative Rebecca Kleefisch, a previous Wisconsin lieutenant Governor who is running for Governor in 2022, called the killings an avoidable event that happened because a brutal professional criminal was permitted to walk free and threaten our city. If this murderer were in prison, many people would still be alive and healthy today.