Defense Department Officials Celebrate Carlson’s Fox News Exit: Report

Former Fox News Channel personality Tucker Carlson built the network’s most-watched program by delivering news and opinions that resonated with many conservatives and independents across the country.

Among other common topics, he frequently challenged the Pentagon’s perceived shift toward prioritizing leftist ideals over keeping the nation and its citizens safe.

Since Fox News announced Carlson’s departure from the network earlier this week, Politico reported that some prominent officials within the Department of Defense have expressed their relief.

One unnamed source simply responded to the news with “good riddance” while another offered a lengthier reaction.

“We’re a better country without him bagging on our military every night in front of hundreds of thousands of people,” the second individual reportedly stated.

Furthermore, the official insisted that Carlson “repeatedly cherry-picked department policies and used them to destroy DoD as an institution.”

For his part, the former Fox New host was apparently not surprised by the reaction of military leaders. In response to a query from Politico seeking his response to the news that Defense Department officials were celebrating his departure, he wrote: “Ha! I’m sure.”

While his many detractors are taking victory laps, a large portion of his loyal audience seems willing to follow him wherever he lands.

Conservative outlets like One America News Network and BlazeTV have already expressed an interest in hiring Carlson, with the former said to be considering an offer of as much as $25 million to seal the deal.

“One America News founder and CEO Robert Herring would like to extend an invitation to Carlson to meet for negotiation to become a part of the OAN team,” the outlet’s website confirmed.

Herring also suggested in a tweet that “Fox News’ loss could be OANN’s gain.”

Carlson was reportedly in continuing negotiations with Fox News executives to extend his contract to 2029 at the time he learned that he had been fired.

A growing number of individuals upset by the network’s decision are declaring that they will be boycotting Fox News going forward.

“Everyone I’ve talked to has deleted the Fox News app on their phones,” said U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA). “People are canceling their Fox Nation subscriptions. People are saying ‘I’m done with Fox.’”