Defense Industry Conference Will Be Led By Ukraine’s President

For over six months now, Ukraine has been locked in a vicious war against Russia. Because of Ukraine’s determination to fight back and the assistance of weapons from western nations, Ukraine’s managed to hold its ground.

This war is dragging on longer than anyone really expected, especially Russian President Vladimir Putin. Now, recent reports note that Ukrainian troops are forcing out Russian invaders and sending them running for their lives.

Other statements allege that Putin is seething over this war lasting far beyond the couple of days that he believed would be necessary to completely take Ukraine.

With all that’s happening in this country, people would think its president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, wouldn’t be focused on other affairs. However, this is not the case.

It’s been confirmed that Zelenskyy will lead the annual Defense Industry Conference and directly speak to American leaders before October arrives.

What to Know About Zelenskyy’s Upcoming Appearance
On Wednesday, September 21, the president of Ukraine will speak with defense contractors of the United States. His leadership of the Defense Industry Conference is expected to take place via live stream and involve an appeal for further weapons to fight off the Russians.

Zelenskyy’s upcoming appearance at the Defense Industry Conference is not an outlier by any means. Months ago, the president of Ukraine also addressed the Grammy award show and spoke with various TV hosts like Jimmy Fallon.

The appeal for more weaponry will come as America has already sent billions in aid and weapons packages. This country’s aid to Ukraine has been so extensive that Americans are questioning why the federal government is putting another nation’s interests above our own.

Joe Biden, of course, claims that handouts to Ukraine will continue for as long as they need to.

Widespread Skepticism
Taking to social media, Americans are expressing their thoughts about Zelenskyy leading this upcoming conference.

Many people believe the United States has gone above and beyond for Ukraine. Others accused Zelenskyy of using the war to his advantage and to get as much of the spotlight as possible.

This latest development of Zelenskyy appearing before the Defense Industry Conference is not changing the minds of anyone who initially had doubts about him. If anything, more questions are being asked as Americans speculate about what Zelenskyy’s endgame truly is.