Delta Employees Spark Outrage Mishandling Golf Clubs Ahead Of Championships

A video capturing the rough handling of a college golf team’s clubs by Delta Air Lines has triggered a wave of backlash on social media, spotlighting concerns over the airline’s baggage handling procedures.

The East Tennessee State University (ETSU) Men’s Golf team, on their way to the NCAA Championships following a second-place finish at the Chapel Hill Regional, documented the unsettling scene as their checked clubs were carelessly offloaded from the plane. The video, which quickly went viral, showed a Delta handler tossing golf bags onto the tarmac, prompting widespread condemnation from viewers.

In response to the incident, the official X account for the ETSU team sarcastically remarked, “Nice of @Delta to handle our clubs with such care…” as the footage revealed bags being thrown with little regard for their contents, including one bag landing atop others before coming to a stop on the ground.

The video not only drew attention to Delta’s apparent mishandling of the team’s equipment but also prompted other travelers to share their own negative experiences with the airline’s baggage handling service.

While Delta’s social media team attempted to address individual complaints, their responses were met with further criticism, with users demanding accountability for the mistreatment of the golf team’s belongings.

The incident adds to a string of recent challenges for Delta, including safety concerns related to Boeing aircraft. In addition to this baggage mishandling incident, Delta has faced scrutiny over other operational issues, such as a flight landing at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport with a nose fire and another flight experiencing a wheel malfunction prior to takeoff.

As calls for accountability grow on social media, the airline faces mounting pressure to address the situation and reassure travelers about its commitment to quality service and customer care. Delta’s response to the incident will likely shape perceptions of its handling of customer grievances and its overall reputation in the airline industry.