Democrat Gives Biden Cover, Changes Tune On Border Crisis

As a record number of illegal border crossings overwhelms the resources of states and local governments across the nation, a growing number of politicians and ordinary Americans believe President Joe Biden’s lax immigration agenda is a primary factor.

For his ardent supporters in the Democratic Party and mainstream media, however, there is always someone else to blame.

U.S. Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA), for example, recently pointed the finger at all of Biden’s predecessors dating back half a century.

During a recent House Judiciary Committee debate on the issue, he took issue with the title of the hearing: “Biden’s Border Crisis.”

Calling the name “completely wrong,” he asserted: “It is not Biden’s border crisis. This has been a crisis for over half a century.”

While it is true that the United States has been inundated with undocumented immigrants for generations, it is impossible to ignore the fact that, under Biden’s watch, the numbers have skyrocketed.

Furthermore, Lieu opened himself up to allegations of hypocrisy after blatantly denying that there was any such emergency when former President Donald Trump sought to implement new measures to secure the border.

In 2019, he lambasted the then-president’s effort to declare a national emergency as “an authoritarian power grab that will be struck down in the courts.”

Lieu went on to declare: “There is no national emergency.”

Marc Cevasco, the California Democrat’s chief of staff, directly contradicted his boss’s recent statement in a February 2019 tweet calling the border situation a “#FakeEmergency” and asserting that there was no “border crisis.”

Last month, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed that Biden has taken the issue “very seriously” and attempted to blame Republicans for exacerbating the border crisis.

“The president is coming forward and trying to come up with solutions,” she asserted. “But the difference here is that you have Republicans, as you know, who are doing political stunts. And, you know, and we’ve called that out over and over and over again.”

A recent Rasmussen Reports survey revealed that half of all respondents “strongly” believe that Biden is responsible for the crisis and another 12% “somewhat” agree with the statement.