Democrat Henry Cuellar Is ‘Calling Out’ Kamala Harris For ‘Mishandling’ The On-Going Border Crisis

President Joe Biden has charged Kamala Harris with stopping illegal immigration at the border between the United States and Mexico. Over the previous year, the congressman’s district has had to contend with large waves of illegal immigrants.

Representative Henry Cuellar, a Texas moderate and one of the Democratic Party’s most prominent speakers on border problems, said his interactions with Ms. Harris’ staff had been unsatisfactory. He stated that “he would direct his complaints to the West Wing in the future rather than the vice president’s office.”

According to a new study, approximately two million illegal immigrants and refugees will cross the border by the end of the year. That would be an annual record by a considerable margin, coming in about 300,000 above the next highest year, 1986.

In November, about 166,000 border crossers and illegal immigrants were detained at the US-Mexico border, up 140 percent from the same month last year. In comparison to 2020 levels, illegal immigration to Texas has increased by roughly 375 percent. More than 1.05 million individuals have been captured in Texas’ five border districts since President Joe Biden entered office.

Moreover, Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) said his conversations with Kamala Harris were unhappy. President Biden charged Harris with dealing with the migrant border situation. When his team inquired about her thoughts on the situation in Mexico, her office did not respond to his calls. In June, she went to the border more than three months after Biden assigned her to the job.

On immigration, Henry Cuellar has been a thorn in President Joe Biden’s side, urging his Homeland Security Secretary to visit the border more frequently. As his people coped with the border problem personally, he asked for her to be replaced as the so-called “border czar” when she toured the border in June.

According to the New York Times, Kamala Harris has complained to colleagues about visiting the Mexican border. Biden appointed her to address the “root causes” of the migratory crisis that engulfed the area. She sends a contradictory message, advising illegal immigrants “do not come” while simultaneously referring to herself as an “advocate” for both illegal and legal immigration.