Democratic Lawfare Waged on Trump

On Monday, a grand jury was selected for an investigation that is the height of political irony. The politically-motivated witch hunt will attempt to tie former President Donald Trump to interfering with the 2020 election in the state of Georgia.

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney explained to those not ignoring these lawfare attempts that, “We are here today to select a grand jury that will investigate whether there were unlawful attempts to disrupt the administration of the 2020 elections here in Georgia.”

The jury is being assembled over a phone call in the wake of the elections in which then-President Donald Trump was recorded telling Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffennsperger to “find” the votes required to bridge the gap with Joe Biden’s mail-in ballot tsunami in the state.

Raffensperger, who recorded the conversation with the president, made no attempts during that time to challenge the legality of several irregularities during the election, including a leaking toilet that was reported as a “pipe burst” that caused Republican poll watchers to be evacuated while votes continued to be counted for hours unobserved. He famously called for a recount, but did not validate any of the ballots during that recount, leading to the exact same ballots being recounted when the ballots themselves were what President Trump and his supporters were challenging.

Now, as a result of pushing an incompetent official to figure out a suspicious situation, Trump is being attacked in court, as the left continues it’s disinformation war to stop the former president running again in 2024.