Democratic Lawmaker Calls Women ‘Birthing Bodies’ While Disparaging Leaked SCOTUS Draft

Wisconsin state representative Francesca Hong added another title to the growing lexicon of gender descriptions this week when she referred to women as “birthing bodies.”

Hong was part of the Democratic outrage machine that erupted with Monday’s revelation of the leaking of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s February draft opinion concerning Roe v. Wade. The draft document indicated that the court is ready to scuttle Roe and send the matter to the states.

Nevermind that the leak undermined literally centuries of honorable standards practiced by both justices and those affiliated with the high court. It’s the end that justifies the means, and Hong and her colleagues continue to erupt in sometimes hilarious ways.

Her particular response, while otherwise not creative or compelling, did garner attention for one glaring reason. She declared “birthing bodies” have rights, and choosing parenthood is a very personal and life-changing decision.

Birthing bodies? Perhaps she and Supreme Court associate justice-designate Ketanji Brown Jackson should compare notes and agree on a better description for what most of us call “women.”

Hong is the owner and chef of a Madison, Wisconsin, eatery and says she was inspired to run for office because of how restaurant owners were treated early in the COVID-19 pandemic. She announced her candidacy on, of all days, Mother’s Day 2020.

Hong may have a spiritual partner in Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) who prefers “menstruating person” to the historically accurate term “female.” When called out on this misnomer, AOC shot back that “trans men and non-binary” persons also menstruate.

Yes, because they are women.

Of course, this is the same Francesca Hong who last year rallied support for President Joe Biden to invest $10 TRILLION for the “climate, healthcare, jobs and justice.” Showing a remarkable lack of understanding of how Washington works — paired nicely with misunderstanding how birthing works — she demanded that the White House reject “bipartisan deals” that fall short of that amount.

Now, of course, the language police will ticket you for all kinds of minor infractions. Gestational parent, womxn and womyn are just three new wokeisms for who were once women. We now replace “breast feeding” with “chest feeding” for reasons to be determined, and “opposite sex” is now “different sex” to avoid implying there are only two.