Democrats Are Being Blasted For False Harassment Claims

Actions come with consequences. Americans today are seeing this firsthand as the country lives with the consequences of our leaders’ destructive actions and policies. To this very day, officials are still not owning up to what they’ve done.

Believe it or not, the failure to take responsibility is unfortunately very common amongst the Democrat Party. The president is a prime example of this.

Whenever Joe Biden or his administration are questioned about the fallout from their decisions, they either gaslight the American public or deny responsibility altogether.

Now, some of that same behavior is being mirrored by left-wing Twitter users with blue verification check marks, per Red State.

The Problem with Blue Checkmark Leftists

Leftists on Twitter and other social media platforms have no issues with shouting their bad takes and bad politics from the rooftops. Democrats often have a tendency to relish the censorship or unfair treatment of conservatives using these platforms.

However, while the First Amendment certainly gives leftists the right to make their poor politics, decisions, and viewpoints known, it also gives people who disagree the right to speak as well.

Many folks who disagree with blue checkmark leftists do have a tendency to push back; however, Democrats don’t care for this at all.

Rather than accepting the criticism or even pushing back against it with more feedback, they falsely accuse people who disagree of “harassing” them or even threatening them.

Americans have been through this with Washington Post editor Taylor Lorenz, controversial health official Anthony Fauci, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), and countless others.

Leftists seem to think they’re above criticism, reproach, or backlash. Yet, this is not the case at all. Other people have every right to shout their own opinions and perspectives from the rooftops.

A Greater Assault on Free Speech Rights

Democrats who make false harassment claims are totally on-brand with the greater party’s aims to shut down the First Amendment altogether.

Democrats claim they want to increase censorship levels in order to protect other people from “misinformation.” What the left really wants, though, is to create a society where only they are allowed to express themselves and everyone else is forced to remain silent.

This is why Democrats refer to anything that displeases them as “misinformation.” It’s also why they wrongly claim they’re being threatened or harassed by critics.

Democrats like former President Obama are already on record saying they don’t believe the First Amendment is applicable to sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc. It’s no shock that other leftists are now throwing around untrue harassment claims to silence people who disagree with them.