Democrats Are Hell-Bent On Making Life Miserable For Average Americans


If you’re old enough to remember, disco, Star Wars, and fast automobiles are just a few of the things you might recall from the 1970s. Disco, gas lines, and the excessive expense of everything but oxygen and belly-button lint are probably things you don’t recall fondly.

Patchouli may be getting a second chance at the VMAs, and I’m unsure whether polyester is making a comeback. But, like a “catastrophic spider,” rising gas costs are sitting over us – or is that the Democratic Party?

Prices for online shopping have naturally risen as well. Clothing, pet items, vitamins, and furnishings are all included. Many customers may have been caught off guard since they assumed that internet orders would have reduced overhead. Production and transportation expenses, on the other hand, are keeping up with the times.

A Donkey Double-Down is unavoidable when it comes to taxes. However, you were previously aware of this. With all of the uncertainty that has become the norm in the twenty-first century and the increasing costs of living in general, you’d think the Donkey Party would take a break from sharing images from the Met Gala to reflect on the difficulties of the ordinary man.

Members of Congress will offer legislation as part of the markup process for the $3.5 trillion budget disaster to defer any tax increases until the economy has returned to pre-pandemic levels. “It’s not difficult to see why Democrats are imposing one of the greatest tax hikes in American history on the American people at this moment,” Kevin Hern adds.

“Inflation is a tax on all Americans, but it disproportionately affects working-class Americans,” he continued. Hern wanted to postpone any tax increases at least until the annual rate of inflation fell below 2.5 percent for 12 consecutive months. Smucker’s measure would have put off the hikes for six months until the national unemployment rate dropped below pre-pandemic levels.