Democrats Are Pushing Fear, Hatred, Anger, And Regret

Instead of Winston Churchill’s famous lines upon his taking office as Prime Minister that “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat.” Democrats have nothing to offer but fear, hatred, anger, and regret.

With the midterms looming in November 2022, Democrats in government and media will attempt to panic the American public and rally them against Republicans.

They will tell you that Republicans want to steal elections, overturn governments, and reject the rule of law. Nothing could be further from the truth. And that is why the Democrats will lie to you. January 6 was a gathering of patriots fighting against the destruction of fundamental rights to verify the results of our elections. Our lack of technology and consistency foments anger and stokes distrust, just the way they like it.

People who intruded into the lobbies of the Capitol were foolish and, in some cases, violent. But more were equipped with cameras and looked like they wandered in off the street. The only person who lost their lives on that exact day was Ashley Babbitt, killed for smashing windows by an overzealous police officer who would be at least tried for reckless homicide in any other situation.

And the Democrats keep on shredding what is left of the Constitution.

Leftists do not have Donald Trump to attack anymore. So, they will return to their 50-year anti-branding campaign to paint conservatives as racist hicks in a biased party. Liberal media agents will propagandize the populace with stories about terrorism, militias, and guns. None of which were present during the January 6 riot. If this was an insurrection to overturn, the government is history’s most incompetent and sloppy coup.

The 2022 midterm elections will turn on local issues like the Virginia governor’s race did for Glenn Youngkin. Parents are fighting school boards hell-bent on implementing CRT. They fight for the children’s health, safety, future, and minds. But Democrats will have to attack the core of our democracy to invalidate the votes of millions of Americans. Citizens see through the allegations of bigotry, fanaticism, or homegrown terrorism as if your neighbors want to strap suicide bombs to their chests.

Liberal media influences some 100 million people in the country indirectly. They are the Party line for many politicians and community leaders. These drones will continue to ignore Biden’s abuse of Anita Hill during the 1991 Senate hearings on Clarence Thomas. Democrats made this nation’s sick and sad joke by installing this sarcastic bigoted grandpa as our anti-president. Biden’s gaffes are not even funny anymore. That is how low we have sunk, thanks to the Democrat voters.

Biden loved his excellent friend Robert Byrd, bigoted KKK Exalted Cyclops. Joe referred to him as “a companion” and mentored him. The Biden-Harris maladministration and the White House staff run this country, not the sock puppet Joe Biden. It means that we have 100 drivers at the wheel yanking this nation to and fro. Democrat media agents cover up this incompetence and inconsistency to continue this heist of American wealth and credibility. And our institutions, the states, courts, and Congress stand by and applaud.

Liberals call Republicans voting and petitioning our government an insurgence. If we keep pushing, they will call for a rebellion against our institutions by government agents to put you down.