Democrats Are Running This Country Into The Ground And You Will Suffer For It

Democrats indicate that the skyrocketing cost of gas will hurt them at the ballot. The only question is will we have enough freedom to care? Greedy politicians are willing to do whatever it takes to gorge themselves on the public till this nation is being eviscerated.

The anti-president, sock puppet, retiree Walmart greeter-in-chief Joe Biden will be removed before any of his blunders will matter. Republicans cannot run against elderly dementia riddled former presidents, and the media knows it.

What we can run against is a party that installed a grandpa in office so that they can run a game on him and con this nation from our freedom and wealth. That is the play!

Environmental activists and donors fund Democrats. Electric car manufactures need high fuel costs to pinch most of the population who drive gas-powered vehicles. It further incentivizes the purchase of electric vehicles.

Therefore the sock puppet Joe Biden dropped the Keystone XL Pipeline and canceled contracts for shipping fuel in Michigan and other states. Fuel costs took off. Joe Biden “I did that!” stickers are popping up at gas stations. People are mad, but many liberals cannot wrap their heads around the link between gas prices and the Biden-Harris maladministration attacking our American natural resources and energy production companies.

Everyone thinks Joe is too dumb or passive to destroy this economy, but enough people voted for him in blue and purple states to plausibly allow him to claim a victory. Like mind-controlled drones, these Democrat voters did the bidding of the environmentalist overlords.

Tapping out the Strategic Oil Reserve, developed under President Trump when oil costs were low, was an idiotic idea. Typical of Democratic leadership, sacrifice tomorrow on the altar of today. A supply of 30 million barrels of oil may give a one-time minor price reduction. But despite what Circle Back Jen Psaki said, “there was no sustainability.” We love that word, price decreases in the process. Then Joe begged OPEC to pump more oil, which they predictably shot down. Then he accused them of price gouging when his plan was sapping our bank accounts with this phantom inflation.

Democrats are shocked that the Environmental Protection Agency proposed decreasing the measure of ethanol and other biofuels that should be mixed into fuel this year to drive down the price of gas. The cost of ethanol, the predominant biofuel derived from subsidized corn in Iowa, is the highest in 10 years. Of course, even an 83 octane mix still produces evil CO2 emissions, and we cannot have that. The cost of raw petroleum drives our gas costs, but rising ethanol costs add to the increased fuel prices.

Biden is being toted around at events meant to drum up support for the Breaking Bad Better plan. He will not address the real needs of Americans. Blaming OPEC for price gouging will not solve our problems. Telling Americans to pay their fair share for gas is straight out of the Communist Democrat playbook. The 1970s and Jimmy Carter are calling, and they want their policies back.

Under President Donald Trump (PBUH), our nation was energy independent. In 11 short months, the Biden-Harris maladministration has short-circuited our supply. Democrats in the administrative agencies quickly ramped up enviro-Gestapo tactics and limited deep earth drilling, canceled fracking permits, and halted the infrastructure plans for pipelines.

The Democrats like Biden, Schumer, and Pelosi think that rubes across the nation should be grateful for a 7-cent reduction in fuel costs. Wait until the winter heating bill hits.