Democrats Attack Andrew Yang over New ‘Forward’ Political Party

Last week, former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang joined with a number of former Republican elected officials to launch the “Forward” party, a new third party that its proponents claim will end the country’s “political extremism” crisis.

Since the announcement of Forward, numerous Democratic officials and activists have lashed out at Yang, claiming among other things that the one-time Democrat is only launching the party to stroke his ego, that the party is a GOP-backed initiative to siphon votes away from Democrats, and that Yang “has made his bed with the Fascists” by offering the third party alternative.

Last Wednesday, Yang, former Republican New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman and former Republican Congressman David Jolly wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post, announcing their party and claiming it would represent the country’s “moderate, common-sense majority.”

“For the first time in modern history, roughly half of Americans consider themselves ‘independents,’ and two-thirds say a new party is needed (and would vote for it),” they wrote. “Surprisingly, a majority of Democrats and Republicans say they want another option, too.”

“So this month, we’re merging our three national organizations — which represent the left, right, and center of the political spectrum — to build the launchpad for a new political platform called Forward,” they continued.

Democrats across the country were quick to voice their disapproval of Yang’s Forward party. In a tweet, progressive activist Dash Dobrofsky said he was “sick” of Yang and “Third Party closet-Republican grifters like Jill Stein & Tulsi Gabbard.”

“I’m a ride-or-die Democrat. Because you’re either with the Democrats, or you’re with the Fascists,” Dobrofsky added. “Yang has made his bed with the Fascists.”

“We only have 1 political party: Dems,” DNC Women’s Co-chair Lindy Li said in a tweet. “GOP is a terrorist org. Either help us defeat them or get the F outta the way.”

Rachel Bitecofer, the leader of a Democratic Super Pac, also criticized Yang’s Forward party, calling it a “democracy-risking vanity project.”

“Many of us are devoting our lives to beating back an insurgent American fascist movement & Yang insists on launching a vanity project that equates pronouns with actual nazis & helps them seize power,” Bitecofer tweeted.