Democrats ‘Didn’t Listen’ When Warned About White Suburban Women

An October Wall Street Journal poll of registered voters shows that white suburban women are moving away from Democrats. The poll comes as a surprise to many after another poll conducted earlier this year showed Democrats with a comfortable lead over the GOP with this demographic.

Megyn Kelly claims Democrats were warned that they would pay the price this election cycle if they refused to reverse course on key issues such as school closures and the radical gender ideology being taught in classrooms.

According to the WSJ’s report, white suburban women have gained 26 points on Democrats since the release of the initial August poll. The data has the GOP holding a 15-point lead with the midterms less than a week away.

“We tried to warn them about school closures, covid overreach, the sexualization of our young children, CRT and radical trans ideology in our schools,” tweeted Kelly.

“They didn’t listen. Now they will hear these women loud and clear from the ballot boxes across America.”

Democrats hope to still be in control of both chambers of Congress on November 9, but widespread frustration with Joe Biden’s inflation could all but solidify a red wave.

“The Dems have kind of proved that they haven’t been able to make a change with [inflation]. It’s just gotten worse in the last couple of years,” homemaker Jennifer Hackworth told the Journal.

Hackworth also said she typically leans towards the Republican Party, but did briefly consider giving Lt. Gov. and senatorial candidate John Fetterman (D-PA) her vote. She added that she’s currently undecided but leaning towards Fetterman’s challenger, Dr. Mehmet Oz (R-PA).

“While I would want to support the right for a woman to choose, I also want to support our economy getting better because it’s not right now.”

Her closing words are a good indicator of what candidate she’ll end up choosing.

“Give the Republicans a chance in Congress. See what they can do.”

The WSJ poll also found that 48% of voters believe that Republicans are best equipped to get a handle on inflation, compared to only those 27%who feel that way about the left.