Democrats Furious About Tulsi Gabbard Hosting Tucker Carlson Tonight

Many Americans can remember now-former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) from the 2020 Democratic primary election.

On the debate stage, Gabbard called out then-presidential candidate Kamala Harris for her history of locking people up over marijuana possession, despite previous admissions to smoking marijuana herself.

After being called out, Harris appeared visibly shaken, accusing Gabbard of betraying Democrats due to appearing on Fox News and criticizing former President Obama.

After Gabbard pointed out Harris’ track record of imprisoning people over marijuana possession, Harris fell in the polls and her presidential campaign tanked. Eventually, this led Harris to join Joe Biden’s campaign as his vice presidential candidate.

Today, Gabbard has remained active in politics, calling out the Biden administration and the dangers of wokeness. Although as much as this displeased the left, Democrats are now even angrier with Gabbard over a different matter.

Gabbard Joins Tucker Carlson Tonight?
Gabbard trended online when she filled in for Fox News host Tucker Carlson earlier this week. During her time on air, she talked about the danger of the FBI raiding former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate on Monday, the security state, along with other issues facing the nation.

Democrats reacted to this by ripping into Gabbard on social media, accusing her of being a Russian agent, and even referring to her as a white supremacist. Her talking points on Friday infuriated the left just as much as her choice to fill in for Carlson.

Leftists also recounted the time that Hillary Clinton called Gabbard a “Russian agent,” warning that Clinton was correct. This isn’t the first time Democrats have gone after Gabbard. However, the newest level of outrage shown by the left rivals what Americans have witnessed in the past.

More Appearances to Come?
Gabbard hosting on Tucker Carlson Tonight raises questions about whether or not she could return for future appearances, notably when Carlson is out.

Some Republicans, such as Townhall writer Scott Morefield, stated they’re all for seeing her appear on the show again.

However, other Republicans took to social media, saying a different guest host should have filled in for Tucker Carlson.