Democrats Giving Up In Florida As DeSantis Dominates

With the Nov. 8 midterm elections only days away, Florida Democrats are signaling that the state’s governor race is already over due to the dominating campaign of incumbent Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis.

In just a couple of years, DeSantis has transformed the state of Florida from a right-leaning purple state to a GOP stronghold. He currently dominates the polls over Republican challenger Charlie Crist, who he recently roasted as a “worn-out, old donkey.”

Evan Ross, an experienced South Florida-based Democratic consultant, explained the extent of DeSantis’ popularity.

“I think Ron DeSantis will win Miami-Dade County,” Ross said of the longtime blue stronghold. “Democratic voters are not at all excited or motivated by Charlie’s campaign.”

“Right now, I think it will be close, but I think DeSantis beats Crist here,” he added.

Matthew Van Name, another Democratic consultant, shared that only about 30 people showed up to a recent Democratic event in Miami-Dade County.

“2022 is one of the most uncomfortable and segmented cycles I’ve seen,” he intimated.

DeSantis has enjoyed a spectacular rise over the last few years. The Republican governor has reportedly raised more than any other potential 2024 presidential candidate, and a recent survey showed DeSantis with the highest net approval rating of any of the major U.S. politicians in the study.

While some Democrats are verbally signaling defeat, other members of the party are speaking with their wallets.

In this election cycle, the Democratic Governors Association dished out a mere $685,000 to advertise for Crist, as compared to the $14 million the organization spent in the past two governor races.

Meanwhile, Democrats in the four non-federal statewide races have raised a total of $29 million, a meager sum next to the roughly $200 million donated to their Republican challengers.

Part of the reason for this is that significant donor contributions from outside the state have disappeared. While New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg promised $100 million to Florida in 2020, he only donated $1.5 million to Florida Democrats in this election cycle.

With waning financial support and a loss of public confidence, Ross said not even DeSantis could save Crist from defeat.

“The only thing that might give Charlie Crist a chance of becoming governor would be DeSantis aggressively campaigning for him over the next two weeks,” Ross joked. “Translation: It’s over.”

“And it’s going to be ugly,” he concluded.