Democrats “Implode” As Bernie Sanders “Attacks” Democrat Senators Manchin And Sinema

Liberal media pundits love to spread stories about Republican infighting. We need to take out squishy RINOs who stab us in the back. But don’t mistake the conflict in the GOP with the guerilla war in the DNC if Democrats want to take out Senators Joe Manchin (WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (AZ). Enter Bernie Sanders, the Rambo of the Democrat party.

The two Democrats who are giving the Biden-Harris maladministration fits represent swing states and thus are prone to voting in line with their constituents rather than the whims of the party.

But instead of Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi dealing with them, the radical wing of the Democrat party wants to take them out. Bernie Sanders has become the political hitman for the leftists. He is not a Democrat, he is an independent socialist, but that is who the Democrats are, so he is welcome to the party.

Democrats have failed to pass most of the sock puppet Biden’s radical agenda. He signs whatever they put in front of him and says whatever they write on the teleprompter, most the most part unless he bumbles his way through and goes off script with a gaffe-prone story. The Senate came close to passing bills that would tank this economy even faster. Two Democrats stalled Joe Biden’s first year in office in the Senate. It has procured the fury Bernie who is on board with killing the filibuster in the Senate, so that

Sanders and the Democrats in the Senate need leadership from Chuck Schumer, the equivalent of Yogi bear running around Yellowstone. According to Colonel Sanders, anyone who trusts in American democracy must accept that 51 votes are enough to run the country. That is nearly the definition of mob rule. Socialists are notorious for generating comprehensive policies based on slim voting majorities. Americans recognize that a higher threshold, in some cases a supermajority of 2/3, can be needed.

Liberal Democrats have bills that kickback billions to their donors and friends, but Manchin and Sinema are digging in their heels and will not change the Senate rules to pass the regulation. Bernie wants to threaten them in their reelection bids. Would Bernie support primary challenges to the Democrat Senators? You “better believe it,” he said.

Bernie knows that the GOP will control Congress after the 2022 midterms. So he is trying to kill the filibuster so that Democrats can affect political races right now. Joe Biden was installed in 2021 after highly questionable election rigging in many states that oddly went unexamined by courts across the nation. Individuals are not being kept from voting because of voter ID laws, and they are prevented from illegally voting. Biden supposedly scored 81 million votes in 2020, and Barack Obama 12 years earlier only got 70 million votes. Are you telling me that the historically unpopular Joe Biden got 11 million more votes than the first African American president, a compelling and charismatic media fixture? Something is afoot.

Sleepy Joe Biden is the Democrat Party of 2022, a geriatric nonentity who made millions selling influence from foreign powers intent on destroying this nation. So, now the great generals in the DNC need to use Bernie to assault Manchin and Sinema and ensure they can continue to ram through waste, fraud, and abuse while having enough votes in the Senate. Good luck!