Democrats’ Newest Attack on Capitalism Has Just Backfired

Despite the documented benefits of capitalism, it routinely comes under fire from the left. Democrats regularly claim that capitalism is unfair, exploitative, and otherwise damaging to the middle class and working class.

In spite of this, capitalism is the only economic system in the world that has let people work their way up, start successful businesses, and otherwise serve their communities, while still being able to support themselves and their families.

When Democrats attack capitalism, sometimes, they use underhanded tactics, such as demonizing profits made by large companies.

This week, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) vilified the profits that large companies are making. However, this did not have the impact that she clearly wanted, as documented by Twitchy.

The Truth About Democrats’ Anti-Capitalist Views

On Sunday, Warren was quoted on Twitter as telling CNN that businesses are supposedly guilty of “too much profit gathering.” However, Former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) responded to this claim from Warren, echoing why Democrats really oppose profits and capitalism.

Walker claimed that Warren’s pushback against “profit gathering” is driven by Democrats’ interest in control. The former Republican governor also noted that Democrats want a society where people are without jobs and therefore reliant on the governor.

Later, Walker pointed out that Democrats are also interested in controlling the federal government while everyday people are reliant upon it.

The latest comments from Warren are not new. She and other far-left Democrats are constantly advocating for higher taxes on corporations and businesses.

However, as Warren and other Democrats accuse big businesses of being supposedly greedy and only out for themselves, they have no comments about inflation or its impacts on corporations.

When corporations have to spend more money on inventory, labor, and other overhead costs, the bill gets passed down to consumers. This isn’t about corporate greed; it’s just basic economics.

Why Walker’s Claims Check Out

The remarks from Scott Walker are in alignment with what Democrats have been advocating for over a period of years.

Walker’s warning that Democrats want to make everyone reliant on the government checks out with calls for “universal basic income.” This is something that leftists have been trying to make the law of the land for quite some time.

Even when the government was handing out various stimulus checks, there were many Democrats who said these handouts should take place permanently. Notably, the left was also highly critical of Republicans calling for people to get back to work.