Democrats Silent On Debunked Hate Crime Hoax

In recent years, a disturbing new trend has emerged of left-wingers staging hate crimes that are designed to demonize Republicans.

One notable example of this is the infamous Jussie Smollett saga from several years back. The actor alleged to have been doused in bleach and attacked with a noose by violent racists who screamed about America being “MAGA country.”

Later, the entire incident was proven false after hours upon hours of investigations from Chicago police, along with loads of sympathy from the corporate press.

Now, a similar situation has emerged, this time out of Alabama.

A Sad State of Affairs
Back in September, Alabama man Pharrell Smith made vicious threats on social media, but did so while pretending to be a white supremacist.

Smith alleged that he and his other “white supremacists” would be arriving at the Alabama State Fair and shooting all black individuals they came across.

Naturally, a threat of this magnitude drew the attention of the Opelika Police Department. The department released a statement, confirming they were aware of the threats, investigating accordingly, and working to find the individual behind all of this.

Eventually, the work of law enforcement led to Smith being tracked down and subsequently arrested. He is now charged with issuing terror threats, which is a felony. Although the Opelika Police Department says the investigation is still going, meaning more charges could come soon.

Deafening Silence
Had the threats from Smith come from actual white supremacists, the mainstream media would have been all over this story. Left-wing outlets certainly would have used the story as ammunition to target former President Trump and the millions of Americans who support him.

Likewise, if a Republican pretended to be a Democrat and made online threats targeting fellow left-wingers, the media would cover it for weeks on end. This unbalanced, unfair coverage is why the mainstream press is so often accused of being fake news.

Strangely enough, very little conversation is being had about the Pharrell Smith case. Not only is the mainstream media quiet, but it’s also difficult to find anything about this case on social media platforms.

At this time, it’s unknown what exactly prompted Smith to make threats and pretend to be a white supremacist online. Given the charges he’s facing, he’ll have a long time behind bars to think about this.